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Dimming Drivers Dimming Drivers
Non-dimming Drivers Non-dimming Drivers
Non-fixed Swithch Non-fixed Swithch
Cut Off All the Stanby Power Cut Off All the Stanby Power
Let lighting become remote way
Wireless Between Switch and Luminaires
Wireless Between Switch and Luminaires

Wireless connect between switches and LED drivers.
In-wall piping are not needed anymore. Let decoration become an easy thing.

Upgraded Remote Functions
Upgraded Remote Functions

Let switches and remote controller be used synchronous.
Switches clould be used even remote conroller is lost.

Remote lighting , Lower cost , Easier install

We research a new patent to solve the problem that lighting is hard to remote.
We have the following advantages:

  • Greener Energy

    Greener Energy

    Extend lamp life by cut off the background power totally

  • Reduce Waste

    Reduce Waste

    Standby power is no needed to make remote work

  • Intuitive Use

    Intuitive Use

    No setting at all.
    The most user-friendly design

With lower cost,

the launch of an ultra-energy-saving intelligent remote control solution can popularize every household.

We welcome global players to establish partnerships with us.

Let smart remote control driver make your house more convenient and beautiful.

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